Claudio Pino

Hydrometeors Collection comprises a series of one-of-a-kind sculptural rings inspired by the poetry that offer Winter Season in Quebec. It is by taking photographs of ice frost on windows that I better understood their complexity, which opened new avenue of exploration for my designs.

With this Collection, I try not only to evoke the sensation of cold and the feeling of winter, but also to show the unique plays of light and shadow that ice offer. According to the shapes and lines of each stone, I tried to unite the space and light in innovative ways, creating unexpected effects with illusory volumes inside the stones.

Each ring portrait one universe, but at the same time, they all explore the same subject, an ice crystal garden, seeking to pay homage to this beautiful season that is winter. This contemporary jewelry Collection is the result of a one year of intensive research and creation supported by The Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

Claudio Pino

My Muse

Provocative, unusual, conversation pieces were words used in 1948 to describe the unique work by Margaret De Patta. Still true today, her work undoubtedly redefined the frontiers  of exploration in the jewelry field. 

Inspired by the exceptional universe she created, where space and light were intertwined in so many innovative ways, I made a sculptural ring, keeping in mind these two subjects of investigation. It’s by holding in my hand clear quartz and a silver plate that the artistic process has began. Taking an architectural approach, I sought unexpected alterations of light by creating illusive volume. I cut the limpid stone to form an internal  dome, as she often did, and then placed it on various textures.

Like ice, frost on a window, the light was captured inside the stone, and an astounding 3D effect was created. With this sculptural ring, entitled Light-Space, I present geometric compositions with my own aesthetic signature that celebrates the grandeur of De Patta’s magnificent work.  

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